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Should Apple help FBI?

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OK, so the issue is this; Apple says a backdoor can be broken by hackers and to write a code that will create a backdoor is like opening pandora’s box. So let’s talk about this for a moment. If Apple creates phones that erase all the data with 10 missed password entries, they have a communication device that will certainly be used by terrorist and criminals alike to avoid their activities being exposed in case of capture. I don’t see this as a viable option and it is certainly appealing to the wrong demographic.

Here is a thought, why doesn’t Apple use the serial number on each phone and store an administrative password in an encrypted database only accessible by court order to unlock any individual phone. When a person purchases an Iphone, they sign a release acknowledging the fact that under criminal investigation they are aware that the Iphone’s administrative password will be released to authorities in the event they are being prosecuted for a crime. Each password is unique and stored securely.

We can not have a company above the law of the land and providing a product so secure that it becomes a matter of national security. Apple will come back with the Iphone 7 soon enough so if they create a backdoor for this model Iphone it will simple help the sales of the new version that comes with an individual administrative code.

This scenario had to be apparent to Apple and the fact they built a phone that a terrorist has the ability to operate with no fear of invasion is irresponsible. Quite frankly, if they can write a code to create a backdoor, it probably already exists anyway.

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