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It is a New Year and time to think technology strategy for 2016

I hope everybody had a good Holiday and getting back in gear. Reflecting back on 2015, I wanted to share a couple of stories I feel are newsworthy.

There are those of us that are obsessive compulsive and those who simply deal with what comes our way. I am not sure what I am because my wife of 22 years is OCD and I have no say in the matter.

Most people do not obsess over their technology and I understand why, it is there to serve you. Why perform maintenance and waste time and money on support? Let me share a couple of stories from the last year.

We had 63 cases of customers who fried their motherboard because their fans were dirty, malfunctioned and the systems overheated. Most of those customers lost data from the damage to their hard drives as well.

Viruses dominated our customer base last year because of lapses in protection that could have easily been avoided. One Insurance company with over 7,000 customers was infected with the latest Crypto virus and when we arrived, there was 4 different virus protection packages competing on their user desktops and the server had been introduced to this vicious virus and all of their files had been encrypted. We had not seen them in 8 months and this took place because the users had loaded various virus protection packages and created a conflict within the network that ultimately left it vulnerable. Routine maintenance would have prevented this from happening.

We had one manufacturing facility that makes specialty leather goods and has millions in annual revenue get shut down by a Crypto virus where the owner erroneously introduced the villain into their system by clicking on the wrong thing. Fortunately we had proper backup in place and were able to recover all the customer data, as well as; the financial data of the company. We got a pretty good review for that one.

Bottom line guys is if you were going to take a car cross country you would check the fluid levels, tire pressure, make sure you had a good air filter, etc. Your network or simply your computer need routine maintenance as well to get you where you are trying to go.

Make sure in 2016 you put your technology on a maintenance schedule and have proper backup both locally and virtually to protect what is important to you. Have a great 2016 and let us come and see you a few times this year just to check things out.

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