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They call it a laptop but don’t put it in your lap!

downloadMy oldest son is out at Texas Tech and this last weekend we met up in Austin to watch his brother compete for the State championship in cross country. He brought his Dell Latitude E6450 business class laptop with him. The thing wouldn’t charge and he gave it to me for our technicians to sort out. Now this laptop has the latest i7 processor, hefty graphics card and lots of RAM…..etc. I tell you this because like a high performance race car, these things run hot! Now I have explained to my son not to block the ventilation or it will overheat. Actually, playing intense games or leaving it on streaming netflix all night isn’t very good either. The ventilation has an output on the side and a perforated input vent on the bottom. Well, it is the bottom that is the problem. If you put that laptop in your lap, your pants will block the vent. By no means put it in your bed on the sheets or covers because you will choke the thing to death in minutes. Now let’s get some perspective on how hot a laptop can get and what happens when it overheats. When you turn it on it will warm up to 130* F. Really not too bad, like a spring day in Iraq. Now when you start using it it goes up to a normal but hot 180*F. When you block the ventilation, it will shoot up to 210*F in minutes and that is when you are in trouble. For those of you who remember the fun facts of physics, water boils at 212*F. When that laptop reaches 240*F, it fries the motherboard, graphics card and other components. . You are also likely to suffer hard drive damage and lose your data. Yikes! So think of your laptop as a little hot plate that requires a flat surface so that the air can circulate in and out from side to bottom. Or wear shorts when it is in your lap. Once it hits boiling point I am sure you will lift it off your lap. There is also a cooling pad sold for laptops. It is a laptop pad that contains a couple of fans that help keep your computer cool. If my son’s Dell had not been under warranty, it would be a total loss. So keep it cool my friends and give us a call at Tech By Request for any of your technology needs. 888-666-2704

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