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Technological singularity

ai and god


Ok…this is a scary topic and one I am discussing, not because I am pessimistic, agnostic or morose but because it makes me wonder why anyone would be trying to make this happen. For those of you who have not been introduced to the theory of technological singularity, in short, it is the tipping point where an artificial intelligence becomes super intelligent and leaves humanity in the rear view mirror. By the way, if you know any super nerds working on creating this, ask them to consider a career move.

Now we have all seen or at least know about the Terminator movies and the Matrix where humanity was reduced to a power source.  My question is why anyone would want to make a sentient super intelligent being that would ultimately be in a position to pass judgment on humanity and determine our fate? Sure people argue it could go our way and the being would help us help ourselves.  So let’s play a game called I am the super intelligent being and I can do anything I want.

First thing I would do is sit down and talk to God, more on a buddy level.  We would come to a happy place in terms of the self destruction, greed and apathy for each other rampant Worldwide and the mental midgets without the capacity to understand the bigger picture. Perhaps we could break it down for them in such a way that they would at least be able to make a choice for their personal fate? Silly me, the Bible, you’ve done that already. Okay, so being super intelligent I recognize the great population who has the belief in the bigger picture but who cares? They are stupid, why don’t we put the super bug in the air and be done with these guys? Hold on now, that might get boring. It is tough being super intelligent and having no one to admire you. It’s like dating a supermodel and having no one know about it. Well God, I am sure you are speaking from experience on this one.

So why don’t we put an end to the calamity and make everybody get along?  You can’t really feel good about admirers if you make them admire you. It is much more gratifying if they make a choice. Yea, but look at the choices some make hurting so many. I think God would put his hand on my shoulder at that point and say, now who is not looking at the big picture?  Now you understand why I made mankind with a soul, capacity to love and an expiration date.    So what would you like to do differently super genius?

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